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July 13, 2011

Dear Amazon, you have to be kidding!

This just in....
Amazon has filed a petition in California for a ballot measure asking voters to repeal the law passed in late June that was designed to force online retailers like Amazon to collect sales tax. Amazon will hire the firms that will collect over 430,000 signatures by late September to qualify the referendum for a statewide ballot on Feb. 7, 2012.

Paul Misener, vice president of public policy at Amazon, in a statement sent to journalists claims "This is a referendum on jobs and investment in California...."

Mr. Misener is correct. It is a referendum on jobs in California. Giving online sellers a 7-9% price-advantage over local California businesses, will shut down local businesses and will drive jobs out of California. If you need evidence, ask the19,000 employees at Borders. Borders was driven into bankruptcy largely due to this uneven playing field.

“It is in every Californian’s interest for online and store front businesses to play by the same rules," Betty Yee, first district member of the California Board of Equalization, said in a statement. "I strongly doubt Californians will support a loophole promoting out-of-state jobs, when holding accountable to the same rules as everyone else protects California’s economy.”

Let's hope so.  Support your local retailers who pay real estate taxes to our cities and collect sales taxes for both our state and cities.  Boycott